Franca’s graduation project

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Franca is a Design for Interaction student and the next graduation student in line contributing to the Belonging Project. With this project she aims to enhance the social well-being of high school students through understanding and tackling loneliness. 

The paradox of loneliness

“I was living in a house of eight students, seeing friends on a daily basis, and still that feeling of loneliness crept up on me.” Her own experience with the topic made her reach out to the team of the Belonging Project to pitch a collaboration. “Feeling lonely, while not actually being alone is an upsetting experience. I realized that this is a problem that probably many people face. Until recently, ‘loneliness’ has mostly been associated with the elderly. It was never a problem of the youth. I noticed it’s underexposed and underestimated, and that is why I wanted to use my design skills to address this problem.”

Goal of the project

With her graduation project, Franca will research opportunities and generate an intervention that tackles loneliness and enhances the social well-being of high school students in Delft. By treating loneliness as a complex problem, she will be able to bring different perspectives together and empathize with the system, which is necessary if you want to make an impact.


As a social & service designer Franca knows what it’s like to design for people, with people. The focus will be on solving the right problem, before moving on to solving that problem right. Through interviews, contextmapping and focus groups she will listen, understand and reflect her way to a viable outcome. This iterative, human-centered approach is essential for tackling such a complex problem in a world that never stands still.

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