About us

The Belonging Project is an initiative from social innovation researchers from the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering of the TU Delft. We perform in-depth design research, organise workshops, set-up and research experiments and mentor graduation students. Through the graduation students and our own research, we get in touch with organisations that work in the context of belonging. All together, we form a Designing Network, collectively working towards the same goal of promoting belonging among young people.

Figure 1. Students, organisations and researchers collectively work towards promoting belonging among young people

My name is Mieke and I initiated the Belonging Project together with Eva. As a teacher and researcher I believe it is important to support the wellbeing and flourishing of young people because THEY ARE THE FUTURE. I meet many youth who want to make a difference in this world, and it is in the interest of everyone and of the planet that we support them in that process. For me that starts with youth wellbeing, because you can only make a difference if you feel well. And a sense of belonging is an essential element of our wellbeing. I am looking forward to work with Eva, Marie and our graduation students and partners to explore how we can design for belongingness!

My name is Eva and I’m coordinating the Belonging Project. During my graduation project, I have been looking into loneliness among adolescents and designed a systemic co-design approach for civil servants which they can use to tackle this complex problem together with a variety of actors. I am very happy to continue working on this topic! Human connection is what I truly advocate, and I dream of a world that everyone senses to be part of, to belong. How can design contribute to this? That’s what we are going to find out. If you’re interested in our project or to collaborate with us, let’s get in touch!

I’m Marie, a design researcher. More and more I see that we, people in this world, are not really connected to each other anymore (although we are meant to be more connected than ever). This has effect on our wellbeing. I truly believe that we as researchers and educators can have an effect on creating real connection among young people and showing them that that is what matters and enriches us. If you are curious about what we do, feel free to contact or connect with me!

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